Sunday July 5th, 2015: Look Like A Million Bucks For Less Than $30


Happy happy Sunday! I have been trolling the Internet a lot lately and I’ve fallen in love with a few too many designer purses, sunglasses, and hats. YES, hats. I mean you have the hottest new Dior sunnies sitting in your shopping cart at Nordstorm but your bank account is begging you, “Please PLEASE don’t do that to me!” So naturally I hit some of my favorite sites to find some designer look-alikes for WAY less! I got so excited about my finds, I had just had to share! Plus your bank account will thank you too. 😉

 Dior 'So Real'

Dior ‘So Real’ 48mm ($595)

Dior 'So Real' Look Alike

Dior ‘So Real’ 48 mm look alike found on Amazon ($7.29)

Prada 49 mm

Prada 49mm Retro Sunglasses ($385)

Prada 49 mm Look Alike

Prada 49mm Retro Sunglasses look alike found on Amazon ($9.39)

Chloe 'Drew'

Chloe ‘Drew’ Leather Crossbody Bag ($1,850)

Chloe 'Drew' Look Alike

Chloe ‘Drew’ Leather Crossbody Bag look alike found at Forever 21 ($22.90)


Saint Laurent Monogramme Matelasse Shoulder Bag ($2,690)

YSL Bag Look Alike

Saint Laurent Monogramme Matelasse Shoulder Bag look alike found at Forever 21 ($27.90)

Rag & Bone Felt Hat

rag & bone ‘Dunaway’ Wide Brim Wool Hat ($195)

Rag & Bone Felt Hat Look Alike

rag & bone ‘Dunaway’ Wide Brim Wool Hat look alike found at Forever 21 ($19.90)

Rag & Bone Straw Hat

rag & bone ‘Summer’ Straw Fedora ($195)

Rag & Bone Straw Hat Look Alike

rag & bone ‘Summer’ Straw Fedora look alike found at Forever 21 ($12.90)

 Happy Sunday 🙂



“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,” Ephesians 3:20 NIV

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Wednesday May 27th, 2015: Shine Bright


When my sister said it was hot I believed her, but this is a total different hot than Texas. I can handle 105-degree heat because I know that I’ll have air conditioner. Mexico doesn’t have air conditioner. ANYWHERE. So basically I feel like Ross, on Friends, with his leather pants every time I use the restroom #fail. It’s bad y’all.

ross fail 2

But don’t worry, the beauty and simplicity of the town make up for the horrendous heat. These photos were taken in the area of town called El Adoquin. This is the place to grab some souvenirs and just be a tourist… #unashamed. PS I hope y’all enjoy the sweat in some of these pictures!

IMG_9933 (1)IMG_9929 (1)IMG_9946 (1)IMG_9914 (1)IMG_9899 (1)IMG_9910 (1)IMG_9905 (1)IMG_9884 (1)

Photos by: Rachel Gracy

Shirt: walk in love -love love love this company! (This shirt is fitted so I’m wearing a large. Always check the description of the product, it’s usually pretty accurate) / Shorts: Treasure & Bond (My current favs!) / Shoes: Salt Water Sandals / Purse: DVF- old (similar) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (Color- Fuchsia Mirror) / Bracelets: FitBit, Lokai, Rose Gold & Silver Hook Bracelets / Earrings: Kendra Scott (Color- Magenta)

Also, I found this AWESOME article on Pinterest about Puerto Escondido and it’s super accurate!