This is me

My name is Hannah and I am the girl behind That Other Hannah. Full time college student, full time lover of life, and part time blogger. A few of my favorite things include, but are not limited to: coffee, shoes, my friends, Instagram (#noshame), and the most important thing, my relationship with God. If you would ask me to sum of life in a few words: Buy the shoes, eat the tacos, and let yourself be loved by God. My prayer is that this blog will inspire, encourage, and empower my fellow sisters in Christ.

The best is yet to come! – Ephesians 3:20


Why That Other Hannah?

I don’t want to be dramatic and say I hated my name growing up, but I didn’t love it either. There was always another Hannah in my class. I swear everyone had cooler names than me (S/O to Kylie and Camryn, y’all always had the coolest names in elementary school). To make matters worse, my youth group had two girls named Hannah. My youth Pastor, Greg, loved to call me “that other Hannah.” I hated it. Like really hated it. After several months of being so frustrated by what my Pastor and friends called me, I went to the altar and prayed (I swear I’m not exaggerating). I’ll never forget the conversation I had with God that day.

“God I hate this name. I hate that I’m just another Hannah.”

“I love your name, Hannah. You are so special to me. Sure, there may be several other people with the same name as you, but they’re nothing like you. You are special. I have made you perfect. You aren’t like anyone else.”

“But God-“

“Nope. This discussion is over. Embrace my process. Trust me on this.”

I got my self together and of course the first person I see is Greg. He just smiled at me like he knew exactly what had happened (which for the record happened often because Greg just knew).

Ever since that day, I have grown to love my name. I remind myself daily that I am unique and am special to God. I have a calling on my life, unlike anyone else. I have an influence, unlike anyone else. My name may be “unoriginal” but my life calling is anything but.

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6 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Love it! So proud of the beautiful young lady you are. Praying blessings over you. And way to go doll! Very inspirational. Wise beyond your years. ❤️ Love u sweet girl!

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