Tuesday May 19th, 2014: Graduation Party


Hi! If you follow me on Instagram you know that my sister (who lives in Mexico) surprised me for my graduation. So I spent the weekend doing all sorts of graduation festivities and spending time with all my family that was in town (like all 20 of us!)

The weekend was so much fun. I was surrounded by so much love. I’m truly blessed with the best family! I still can’t believe that I graduated high school. I still feel like I’m a chubby 5th grader. Oops. Well here’s to the next chapter. *insert scared eyes emoji*

Today I’m sharing pictures from my graduation party last Saturday. A few months back my mom and cousin started planning this beautiful soirée. I told them I wanted simple, fresh flowers, and light pinks. It turned out more beautiful than I could even imagine. The centerpiece on the island cannot even be described. The pictures don’t do it justice either. I’m pretty sure they could be professional party planners. 🙂


Photos: Abbey Burge Photography


Flowers: Central Market / Costco

All Vases and Glassware: TJ Maxx

Cookies: Jrae’s in Fort Worth – Best sugar cookies EVER

Follow That Dream picture: Hobby Lobby

If you have any other questions email me at thatotherhannahblog@gmail.com and I would love to help!

Also I’m writing from Mexico today so Hola is more proper. 😉 A few months back I shared this post about my sister and the mission work she is doing in Mexico with Global Education Ministries. So I flew back to Mexico with her yesterday to see all the ins and outs. I’m excited to spend the next 10 days here. I’ll be sharing posts later  about my time here so stay tuned.

 I pray everyone has a blessed day!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.” 

Psalm 106:1 NLT