Tuesday August 19th, 2014: Global Education Ministries


Happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing something very dear to my heart. Some of you may know my sister, Rachel. Rachel moved to Wilmington, North Carolina two years ago broken, away from God, and utterly hopeless. Shortly after arriving to Wilmington she fell in love with Jesus. Over the past two years it has been a joy to see her grow in the Lord.

rach and i

In July she graduated from The University of North Carolina Wilmington with a degree in Communication Studies with a focus in video production. When she started to think and pray about her future after college she felt God calling her to Puerto Escondido, Mexico. So August 1st, 2014 she left North Carolina for Puerto Escondido, Mexico. While she is there she will be teaching Kindergarten and producing videos for Global Education Ministries.

GEM Logo

Global Education Ministries (G.E.M) is an educational ministry organization located in Oaxaca, Mexico in the costal town of Puerto Escondido. G.E.M has started an English immersion private school called Centro Educativo el Manantial. Centro Educativo el Manantial has begun as a Pre K-5 school and will grow to become a PreK-12 school. The school provides quality education, but it is primarily an instrument used to share the gospel and Christ’s love with the children and their families.

So my purpose in sharing all of this with you today is to ask you to pray with me. Tomorrow is the first day for Centro Educativo el Manantial and I would love to begin praying for the sweet kids who will walk through those doors tomorrow. Please pray for my sister Rachel as well as the other teachers and missionaries. Pray that there would be no language barrier. Pray that the kids would be able to feel God’s love through this school. Pray that the Puerto Escondido community would feel God’s love through this school. Also pray for protection of the campus, teachers and missionaries, and the children and families.

Rachel sent me these specific things to pray about as well:

1. That God would give her wisdom to be a teacher- which is totally new to her.

2. That sharing the gospel would be first and teaching the children second. Their salvation is way more important than education.

3. That He would give Rachel joy in being a teacher. Writing lesson plans isn’t incredibly fun as of now, but pray that he gives her enjoyment in that.

4. That she would continue to love the culture and not miss home so much.

5. Praise: She has already found a church body, a woman’s Bible study, sweet sisters in Christ to live with, and great brothers and sisters that she gets to work with at school everyday.

God is good!

GEM group

Last Years Class

Thank you so much in advance for praying for my sister and Global Education Ministries.

To find out more info on Global Education Ministries like their Facebook page or check out their website!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday August 19th, 2014: Global Education Ministries

  1. I love this Hannah!! I will be praying for your sister and this amazing school! Ah! I could just keep u. Love u girl! ❤️

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