Thursday February 4th, 2016: My Favorite Pink Sweater


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Photography: Abbey Burge Photography


Similar Sweater // Jeans // Similar Shoes // Purse, Similar // Sunglasses // Lipstick in ‘Violet Fatale’

This is my favorite sweater EVER. It’s so pink. It’s so soft. It’s so perfect. I find myself drawn to like 2 colors. Pink or black. LOL. Unfortunately, it was on sale so I found a similar sweater that’s also on sale! Happy Thursday. 🙂

Thursday January 7th, 2015: More Than Just Shoes


IMG_4426 IMG_4430 IMG_4456 IMG_4439 IMG_4459 IMG_4460 IMG_4474 IMG_4451IMG_4442

Photography: Abbey Burge Photography


Dress (almost identical to mine!) // Cape Blazer // Shoes // Similar Bag // Ray-Ban Aviators // Similar Bracelets // Tom Ford Lip in ‘Violet Fatale’

It’s no secret I’m a shoe hoarder. It’s bad. Actually I think it’s a great quality… but my mom disagrees 😉

I saw these shoes on another blogger and was rushing to Nordstrom approximately two days later. When I tried these shoes on I was worried about my feet being suffocated by the cage. Surprisingly, the shoe is super room-y, but not too big! I think my favorite part of these shoes is the fact that they are a show stopper. Not that my confidence comes from new shoes (materialistic things don’t bring true confidence, that only comes from God, y’all!) but these shoes make me feel like a million bucks.

Also, this black and white combo is SO chic and this might be my favorite look of all time (I know I say that all the time…). 🙂 Happy Thursday!


That Other Hannah

 “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20

Friday November 27th, 2015: Why I’m Over Black Friday And I Never Even Started



I had a great thanksgiving filled with so much love and food and family and more food… Literally so much food. I vote we have thanksgiving food more than just once a year? Okay good thing we all agree. I spend Thanksgiving in the middle of nowhere. Look up Breckinridge, Texas and you will understand how middle of nowhere I’m talking. There’s a Wal-Mart and Tractor Supply in town but that’s about it. I’ve always grown up having Thanksgiving in the middle of nowhere so whenever people talked about Black Friday Shopping I just assumed that was for the crazies. Last year I came home early on Thanksgiving Day and stopped at Target to pick up some cookies that night and they wouldn’t even let me in! They told me I had to wait in the line, for one more hour nonetheless, to get my cookies. That was when my hatred for “Black Friday” began.

So after eating my pumpkin pie yesterday and plopping down on the couch for some good ole’ fashioned Facebook scrolling I was outraged by what I saw. These crazies on my timeline were posting pictures standing in line for Black Friday at like 4pm ON THURSDAY. Wait. You just posted 2 hours ago about how thankful you were for your family and ‘blessings’ but now you be posting about shopping for things, you don’t need, on THANKSGIVING?

Okay I just took a chill pill and now I’ll get back to some reasoning. I don’t know why Black Friday gets to me so much, I mean I hate it when people tell me how I can spend my money, but I just have a problem with people shopping for the sake of ‘it’s such a good deal.’

Two words that changed my life: Dave Ramsey.

I took his dumb course a few months back and it has me all types of messed up. I swore I was never eating out again (dramatic but I didn’t eat out for 2 months). I took off my nails (I miss them daily. RIP). I only go to Starbucks if I have a gift card (so now you know what to get me for Christmas 😉 ). I’ve set financial goals for myself (getting close to my goal for this year!) Since taking his class I’ve starting thinking more before I swipe my card.

Dave Ramsey ruined my life, in the best kind of way.

When we buy something just for the sake of ‘it was so cheap,’ or ‘it was on sale’ instead of REALLY needing it, we’re not being wise with our money. We were given our jobs and money from God. We don’t own it. We are stewards of that paycheck or job title. How we spend it SHOULD reflect God.

I was am still guilty for buying things for the sake of a good sale or pressured buy (I seriously can’t say no to Thin Mints or new lipstick. I just can’t). Heck this year I almost went to Wal-Mart to buy a new TV because it was so cheap. Then I heard Dave Ramsey’s voice in the back of my head, “Would you buy this in two days? Can you pay cash for it?” The answer would be no to both of those questions. Black Friday is a marketing tool, probably started by credit card companies, used to get to spend money you don’t have!

I really don’t know why I feel so angry towards Black Friday… But I do. I just think it’s so silly especially since we just spent a day claiming to be so thankful. It just doesn’t make any since to me…

I just want to be more thankful and content with what I have than what I do not have. Is that wrong of me?

If you don’t know me, you know I can out-shop just about anyone. I love a good sale. But you wont find me waiting outside Target on Thanksgiving. And I may just have to quietly slip off Instagram bc I may scream if I see another sale alert. Actually I will.


Hannah Moore

*in no way was I compensated for this post, I just love Dave Ramsey’s program that much.

**My goal was NOT to shame ANYONE for Black Friday shopping, I mean you do you, Boo Boo so please do not think that.

thankful and grateful

Tuesday November 24th, 2015: Feelin’ Fall


IMG_4647IMG_4669IMG_4667IMG_4658 IMG_4670 IMG_4659 IMG_4639

Photos: Abbey Burge Photography

Shirt: J.Crew Factory (and on sale!) // Jeans: Topshop // Purse: Rebecca Minkoff // Necklace: Similar //  Boots (they don’t sell this exact color any longer but I’m linking a very similar color in the same style) // Watch, Similar, Similar // Lipstick: Tom Ford in ‘Violet Fatale’ // Sunglasses

As mentioned on my Instagram yesterday, plaid is a must have this fall! I love to dress it up with a cute necklace or even layer it with a chunky sweater. I picked this plaid shirt a few weeks back at J. Crew Factory (they have THE best sales!) I love the mix of red and gray.

Here’s the low down on these jeans: I always have a hard time finding good jeans that fit me (because I don’t have a backside, they always fall down!) I bought a pair of Jaime jeans from Topshop and I’m obsessed. They are $70 dollars, which is a good price for the quality and cut! So if you’re also a little flat on the backside you need to try out these jeans. You’ll be glad you won’t be hiking up your jeans all day. Trust me.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram! I’ve got something fun planned for my readers next week you won’t want to miss out on! 🙂 Happy Tuesday, loves!

In Christ,


“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20 NIV

Wednesday September 2nd, 2015: Cobalt Blue Dress


Happy Wednesday! Classes started last week and I’m getting used to my new school and work schedule. I’m trying to not get overwhelmed but wow this semester is going to involve lots of coffee and a few too many headaches. BUT this dress makes all those fears fade away.

I stumbled across the most adorable boutique, Hazel & Olive, on Instagram a few weeks ago and I’ve been obessedddd (and they have an online store!) Oh. My. Goodness. First off, cobalt blue is officially one of my favorite fall colors! It is such an unexpected pop but can be paired beautifully with cognac boots, brown hats, or a plaid scarf. Second off, those scallop details… *insert heart-eye emoji* One day I was swiping through my Instagram feed when I saw Hazel & Olive added this dress. Approximately one day later, I was a proud new owner of an adorable cobalt blue dress. I wore this dress to church, took a nap in it, and even made a trip to Target in it. It looked as good at 9 PM as when I had put it on at 9 AM. That’s my kind of dress! Hope everyone has an awesome day. 🙂

IMG_3859 IMG_3864 (1) IMG_3889 (1) IMG_3884 (1) IMG_3896 (1) IMG_3858 (1)

Photos: Abbey Burge Photography


Dress: Hazel & Olive Boutique / Shoes: Valentino, Similar / Watch: Michele / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators



“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20

Also OBSESSED with this dress from Hazel & Olive that I may have to order 😉


Friday July 3rd, 2015: Graduation Dress


Happy Friday! I love the Fourth of July. My dad loved fireworks so we would always spend the holiday on the river shooting off fireworks. Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around this weekend. I’m so thankful for the beautiful country I live in!

Today I’m wearing the dress I wore to my graduation. When I put it on it brought back so many memories from that special day! When I was searching for a graduation dress I bought like 3 dresses because I couldn’t decide what I wanted… #indecisive. I found this bad boy and it was love at first sight. I loved the print, length, and how it covered my shoulders. My graduation gown was navy so this dress looked great peaking through the gown for pictures! And the best part, it’s on sale now! 🙂


Dress: Nordstorm (On Sale!) // Shoes: Tory Burch Miller Sandal in ‘Sand Patent’ (these would be so cute too!) // Necklaces: Tiffany & Co., Kendra Scott // Bracelet: Coordinates Collection // Sunglass: Ray-Ban Aviators in ‘Gold Blue Mirror’

In case you missed the post about my beautiful graduation party you can see it here!

I pray everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend. 🙂



“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,” Ephesians 3:20 NIV

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Thursday February 5th, 2015


Happy Thursday! Today I’m wearing a sweater that is a little crazy… My cousin Bailee bought this sweater over a year ago at Canton Trade Day’s and never wore it. So the other day she offered it to me. I probably would’ve never bought this sweater but I love it! It just goes to show that sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to try new things! Cream and sweaters are two of my favorite things! Perfect combo.

Also, if you live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area you need to check out my amazing hair stylist Bailee! She always keeps my hair looking great. Call Shelton’s Salon in Fort Worth to schedule an appointment with Bailee. 🙂

IMG_2802 IMG_2822 IMG_2803 IMG_2799 IMG_2813 IMG_2816 IMG_2828 IMG_2831

Photography: Abbey Burge Photography

Sweater: Canton Trade Days- can’t remember the shop name / Jeans: Topshop x Nordstorm / Shoes: Steve Madden / Purse: Celine / Watch: Michele / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators 58mm / Lipstick: NARS in ‘Roman Holiday’ -my new favorite lipstick! / Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown in ‘Petal’ -my new favorite lipgloss!