Favorite Things of 2015

Happy New Year! Like everyone else in the world, I’m looking forward to this year and all that it holds! I’m expectant for what God has in store for me. As excited as I am for 2016 I wanted to look back at some of my favorite things of 2015. So I’ve rounded of some of my favorite products. 🙂
Favorite Things of 2015
I’ve always thought liquid foundation felt heavy and sticky. Until I found this. The best.
Game. Changer. If you were to buy any beauty product this year… It should be this! It makes your makeup go on so flawless. Ugh thinking about it now makes me excited.
The perfect pink!
This lipstick is super expensive but a little goes a long way. Not only does it go on smooth, but it stays on allllll day! Every time I wear it I get tons of compliments… 🙂
So yummy.
If you’re a bath person, they rock. If you don’t like baths then they aren’t worth it. But since I’m a bath person, they’re my fav!
To binge watch Law & Order SVU on all day. #noshame
This record player doubles as a piece of decor. Clearly a pink record table is necessary.
Such a great coffee table book!
Got this bad boy back in August and it’s amazing. It takes less than 30 seconds to heat up. I can’t iron my clothes b/c irons scare me (true story) so I was looking for a steamer and this guy is perfect!
Who doesn’t want their house to smell like Anthropologie?!?!?!
Such a staple!
OBSESSED. They seriously look good with everything!!
My biggest investment of 2015 and I love them so much I’m thinking about buying them in another color. #toomuch?
Classic Piece
I’m a loyal aviator fan and these are my newest obsession.
Who knew I would start wearing sneakers… These changed my opinion about sneakers.
Can’t. Stop. Buying. Plaid. Shirts.
When I was in New York it seemed like everyone wore a leather jacket so I was like ‘I NEED one.’ Boy was I right.
My favorite summer sandals. So comfortable. Perfect color. Need I say more?

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