Sunday November 29th, 2015: Winter Health + Skin MUST HAVES


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Photos: Abbey Burge Photography

Dove Body Wash // Gold Bond Softening Lotion // EOS Lip Balm // LUSH Lip Scrub // Emergen-C //

Here in Texas it went from 75 to 34 in two days. TWO DAYS. The weather is just so wild and my health and skin suffer the consequences. My lips started to crack immediately, my skin began to dry up, and my nose started to run. So today I’m sharing some of my favorite winter skin and health must haves so you can make it through the season with me!

Dove Body Wash– I started using this body wash over a year ago and I am completely sold! It’s not too soapy, where you get out of the shower feeling like you still have soap on your skin. I also use this as a shaving cream. It leaves my legs feeling so soft and hydrated.

Gold Bond Softening Lotion– I’ve used this lotion for at least three years and I can’t find a better lotion out there. I’ve tried different brands but there’s nothing like some Gold Bond. There are usually two types of lotions: good smelling or leave you feeling like just soaked your hands in bacon grease. This is neither of those extremes! It not only makes my skin soft, but also heals my skin from all the winter dryness.

EOS Lip Balm– One of my favorite lip balms! One, I love the shape (judge me). But in all seriousness, I love how hydrating and healing this lip balm is. Like the Gold Bond Lotion, it’s not too greasy or just good smelling.

LUSH Lip ScrubThis stuff has saved my lips. I am not a huge fan of lip scrubs because they usually hurt more than help, in my opinion. This is totally different! LUSH Lip scrub is made out of sugar so it’s not too harsh. It peels off the dead skin and leaves your lips feeling super soft. Please and thank you!

Emergen-C– I can’t go without this stuff. I was sick a few months back and started drinking these little crack packets (totally kidding) each morning and I NEVER skip a morning. They keep me feeling energized and away from all the sickness. LOL. I’ve tried the orange flavor but the raspberry is my fav.

Let me know what your favorite winter health and skin must haves I need to try! I hope everyone has a great Sunday.



“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20 NIV

2 thoughts on “Sunday November 29th, 2015: Winter Health + Skin MUST HAVES

  1. I’m going to try that body wash and lotion! My skin is so dry and miserable right now. I haven’t found anything that truly hydrated my skin and relieves the itchy, dry flakiness 😦 thanks for the tips doll! 🙂

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