Friday September 12th, 2014: Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce K-Cups

Favorite Fridays

Happy Friday! Earlier this week I came down with some sort of cold (sore throat, stuffy nose, uncontrollably sneezing, horrible headaches). So this week I’ve been drinking lots of green tea (my favorite is Tazo Zen Green Tea) and coffee. A few weeks ago I was at Target and saw these new Keurig cups. During fall and winter I love Starbucks’ Cinnamon Dolce Latte so naturally I had to pick these up! Oh my word these are SO good! This coffee with a little French vanilla creamer… MMM! I would highly recommend these K-cups!

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Friday August 22nd, 2014: Psychosocial Brooke Fraser

Favorite Fridays

Brooke Fraser’s new song Psychosocial is a game changer, ya’ll. Brooke Fraser, who started singing at Hillsong, has undeniable talent. Her unique voice has the power to captivate every listener. Psychosocial is unlike anything Brooke’s ever produced. The poppy beat and brilliant message is destined to be a hit. When a song opens with, “I love your projection but I don’t love you” you know you’re about to dive into a deep topic. The song goes on to support the influence of social media on our lives. Go check this song out. You won’t be sorry!

The song was released this week on SoundCloud but hasn’t been released on iTunes yet so here’s the link for SoundCloud. 🙂 

Friday August 15th, 2014: Power Of A Half Hour

Favorite Fridays

Some of us find ourselves really busy and at the end of the day trying to figure out where all our time went. That’s me… After reading The Power Of A Half Hour by Pastor Tommy Barnett I had to reevaluate where I was spending my time. I spend more time on my phone than with the Lord. So I had to learn to put my phone away. I had to learn that in order to have enough time during the day I had to get up at eight every morning. I’m busy with lots of things and honestly I had taken my God off my priority list. So even though this is the busiest season of my life I’ve spent more time with the Lord.

The Power Of A Half Hour has been one of the most practical books I’ve ever read and completely revolutionized how I spend my time. If you find yourself not having enough time during the day this is a GREAT book!


Friday August 8th, 2014: Identity in Christ / Christ’s Identity in Us

Favorite Fridays

On Fridays I’ll be sharing a book, song, podcast, sermon, video, product, company, or item I’m loving this week. So this Friday I’m sharing a sermon that I heard a few weeks ago that really touched me. Pastor Bear Boyle spoke on our perspective of our identity in Christ. I can’t accurately describe how much this message meant to me or even accurately summarize the message. All I can say is go listen to it. You can download the podcast or watch the video online. The links are below! Take 48 minutes to listen to the message. Listen to it as you’re in the car or getting ready in the morning! It’s worth it.


Video: (This link will take you to the resource page. When you get there look for the sermon called “ Identity in Christ / Christ’s Identity in Us – Pastor Bear Boyle”)


Podcast: (Or you can download the Northplace Church Audio in iTunes and click on the Identity In Christ sermon.)