Friday November 21st, 2014: Brutal Romantic Brooke Fraser

Favorite Fridays

Happy Friday! I am so glad it is finally the weekend and I have all next week off for Thanksgiving break (and I am SO EXCITED!). I’m so looking forward to a little break. Tomorrow my school plays the state playoff game and just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt a little! I’m so excited to see them play the game and, God-willing, WIN! Anyways follow me on Instagram to see how they do!

Today I’m sharing the new Brooke Fraser album, Brutal Romantic. A few weeks back I shared the first single off the album, Psychosocial, and I knew the whole album was going to be awesome… And trust me it is! It’s one of the coolest electronic albums I’ve ever heard. You’ll want to check out Brutal Romantic!

brutal romantic

You can download the album on iTunes, Spotify, or her website!

Some of my favorites are:

Kings and Queens

Start a War

Brutal Romance

Magical Machine

Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

Always, Hannah

Friday August 22nd, 2014: Psychosocial Brooke Fraser

Favorite Fridays

Brooke Fraser’s new song Psychosocial is a game changer, ya’ll. Brooke Fraser, who started singing at Hillsong, has undeniable talent. Her unique voice has the power to captivate every listener. Psychosocial is unlike anything Brooke’s ever produced. The poppy beat and brilliant message is destined to be a hit. When a song opens with, “I love your projection but I don’t love you” you know you’re about to dive into a deep topic. The song goes on to support the influence of social media on our lives. Go check this song out. You won’t be sorry!

The song was released this week on SoundCloud but hasn’t been released on iTunes yet so here’s the link for SoundCloud. 🙂