Friday August 15th, 2014: Power Of A Half Hour

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Some of us find ourselves really busy and at the end of the day trying to figure out where all our time went. That’s me… After reading The Power Of A Half Hour by Pastor Tommy Barnett I had to reevaluate where I was spending my time. I spend more time on my phone than with the Lord. So I had to learn to put my phone away. I had to learn that in order to have enough time during the day I had to get up at eight every morning. I’m busy with lots of things and honestly I had taken my God off my priority list. So even though this is the busiest season of my life I’ve spent more time with the Lord.

The Power Of A Half Hour has been one of the most practical books I’ve ever read and completely revolutionized how I spend my time. If you find yourself not having enough time during the day this is a GREAT book!


One thought on “Friday August 15th, 2014: Power Of A Half Hour

  1. This is a great blog! I am super proud of you and I enjoy reading your posts! Continue to be obedient to his voice and he will be faithful to lead you down the path of righteousness!!

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