Friday February 6th, 2015: Loving Pinterest

Favorite Fridays

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Favorite Friday. I’m sharing something I’ve been a little obsessed with recently, Pinterest! It’s where I get a majority of my fashion, food, decor, and party inspiration.


One thing that is really easy to do on Pinterest, is get overwhelmed. I’ve been there before! So. Many. Pins. So I’m sharing some tips on how to use Pinterest for it’s maximum potential!

1. Stay Organized!

I try to keep my boards as organized as possible! This is so important because all those great pins are going to get lost in a board with thousands of pins varying on topics. When I first started using Pinterest I had three boards that I pinned everything to. Over the years I’ve created new boards for more specific purposes (I have 33 now…)

2. Pin What You Truly Might Do, Make, Buy, Etc.

I’m all about dreaming but if all you pin is wedding dresses, mansions, and recipes you’ll never try, you aren’t using Pinterest for all it’s capabilities! Dreaming is awesome but also be realistic. Why is this important? Example: Say you want to plan out your outfit for the day so you head to your Pinterest for some ideas but all you have is red carpet dresses. Sometimes you have to have a mix of both! 🙂

3. Check Out Random Tabs

I’ve learned to check out the “Architecture,” “History,” “Technology,” and “Art” every once in a while to see fresh ideas and pins. I love to see new ideas and get inspiration for fashion and home decor!

4. Have Fun

Pinterest is meant to be fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously. Breathe when you get overwhelmed, and have some fun!

I hope this post has inspired you to use Pinterest more often and have some fun. Follow me on Pinterest at, thatotherhan 🙂

Here’s a few of my latest pins

stripes success white tee casual fridays cs lewis quote prada gg

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