Monday November 17th, 2014


Happy Monday! The past few weeks have been really busy. With it being my senior year I am trying to be intentional with my time because I know I’ll never get this time of my life back! Because I’ve been so busy I’ve let thatotherhannah lag a little… So here’s to trying to be consistent again!

This is one of my favorite shirts for fall! It’s the cutest print and with the cute collar, you can throw a sweater on over and let the collar pop out the top. Hope everyone has an awesome week. 🙂

IMG_1213 IMG_1216 IMG_1219 IMG_1221 IMG_1227 IMG_1229 IMG_1234 IMG_1236

Photography: Abbey Burge Photography

Shirt: Forever 21 / Jeans: Topshop for Nordstorm / Boots: Frye / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmasters / Earrings: Altr’d State

Thanks for reading!

(Also, I’ve not too computer savy and I deleted some pictures off the website from old outfit posts and now they are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND… So.. If you go to look at old post they will probably not show up. I know. I’m so smart 🙂 Sorry y’all!)

Monday November 3rd, 2014


Happy Monday! I seriously can’t believe that it is already November………. Also I can’t believe I turn 18 on Thursday… So on to what I’m wearing today before I start crying. I’m wearing this fun printed dress. I paired this dress with my favorite boots. I put on some tights with it but it also looks great without the tights. Have a great day!

IMG_1381 IMG_1399 IMG_1382 IMG_1379 IMG_1407 IMG_1383 IMG_1397 IMG_1402

Photography: Abbey Burge Photography

Dress: Forever 21 / Tights: Target / Boots: Frye / Necklace: Kelly’s Treasures